The Huddlebox® Original is perfect tiered seating system, connecting creative mindsets together

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Creating collaboration

Huddlebox® Original Tiered Seating is perfect for creating safer collaboration spaces; something that is more important than ever with more people working from home and only visiting the office for specific tasks.

Planter and storage options

Many Huddlebox modules can be ordered with planter and storage options, to take your space to the next level! Biophilic designs bring nature indoors, promoting calmness and wellbeing, while cubbies provide space saving with practical storage for your belongings incorporated within modules.

Reconfigurable design

Whether designing for 20, 200 or 2,000 staff, Huddlebox® Original can be scaled to suit with just eight simple modules, plus optional back and side panels and other accessories to choose from.

Innovative layouts

Perfect against walls, enabling use of the height of a space rather than encroaching on floor space, or to introduce a peninsular or corner within a room.

Make it your own

Huddlebox modules are available in a wide range of colours and finishes. Seat pads are also available for softer seating and to add a splash of colour to your scheme. Castors or feet can be added for easy moving and to protect flooring, whilst our anti-microbial lacquer is for extra safety and hygiene.