CRUISE Electric Desks

Ideal for any office! 

These height adjustment sit-stand desks are ideal for any office space, thanks to their design.

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CRUISE Electric Desks

Ideal for any office! 

Universal sit-stand desk system solutions are designed for a modern work environment which is perfectly adjusted for the individual needs of the user. These desks are ideal for any office space thanks to their design.

The electric height adjustable desk is an indispensable tool in maintaining employee productivity and well-being in the ever-changing work environment.

Easy adjustment!

It is rather easy to have a correct posture not only while you sit but also while standing. You simply have to choose a proper desk height based on your own height. You can change the height of the desk at the touch of a button. This desk operates quietly and has low energy consumption while in idle mode.

Technical Information


  • 25 mm MFC (melamine)
  • 2 mm ABS edges


  • Rectangular metal tube dimensions – 50 x 20 x 1440 mm or 50 x 20 x 1240 mm
  • L type bracket 50 x 30 x 460 mm
  • Powder coated metal, this matches the colour of coloumns and feet


  • Square metal tube dimensions are 60 x 60 mm (outer tube) and 53 x 53 mm (inner tube)
  • Powder coated metal, matches the colour of the frame and feet
  • Feet dimensions are 700 x 70 mm

Desktop Type:

  • Plain desktop
  • Desktops with a scallop for wire management
  • Desktops with a cut-out for grommet and wire management

Lifting Coloumns:

  • Single motor
  • Soft start and soft stop
  • Lifting speed is up to 33mm/sec
  • Lifting capacity is 80kg
  • Powder coated metal which matches the colour of frame and feet




1400, 1600mm x 700, 800mm

This lifts to a maximum of H1185 mm and this reduces to a minimum of H705 mm


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