Reception Furniture

A Reception can be defined as the act of welcoming someone or something. The reception area is the first room you enter in a workspace. It’s located by the entrance and can be either big or small. Its primary function is to greet visitors and guide them on their way to meetings, but it has many other uses besides that.

As it is generally the first room or area a visitor will see in an office, it is without doubt an important area to focus on when creating your office. A visitor to your office will gather their initial impression of your company as they walk into your office through your reception. If this space is small, making sure you have a functional but beautiful reception desk is key – if the space is larger, you may want to create waiting space which will include design led soft seating for your visitors. We have ranges available to suit everyone, regardless of the size of the space, budgets and design. We want you to be able to create a positive first impression for your business that will last. 

Considering that Office Reception Furniture is an essential area of the overall workplace, where clients and guests are greeted through reception desks and chairs.

This furniture group usually reflects the image of the company to its visitors when making their first entrance into the office. Office reception furniture should be functional, practical

What is the purpose of Office Reception Furniture?

Office Reception Furniture Office reception furniture is an important part of every office setup, and without a receptionist your business will not be able to shape up into anything more than a home office.

Office reception furniture helps you in making lasting impressions with your clients and makes them feel welcome and relaxed. Office reception furniture also helps in promoting your business and creating a brand image for the company.

Provide your visitors an experience

With the use of Office Reception Furniture you will be able to speed up communication with visitors by providing them with sitting facilities, and allowing them to wait comfortably while you take care of other tasks.

Office reception furniture displays your professionalism and how well you communicate with your clients. Office reception furniture has three basic purposes, firstly they create a welcoming environment for visitors and guests which help you in gaining confidence as well as trust from them before starting a business deal or project.

Office reception furniture helps in creating an image of the company in mind of the guest by displaying awards received by the company and promotional brochures and pamphlets.

Office reception furniture is usually located at the entry door to an office building where it is used to welcome official guests and also provides sitting facilities making them comfortable during their visit.

Office reception furniture should always be comfortable because this will reflect its design on overall client satisfaction, so Office Reception Furniture should be chosen very carefully keeping these points in mind that it should be able to provide the best service possible to increase productivity.

Office Reception Furniture is not limited to – Office reception furniture can be designed, made and customised according to your choice of colour, design, style and type such as:

Office Reception Desk

Office Reception Chairs

Office Reception Chairs

Office Reception Cabinets

Office Reception Lounge Seating

Office Reception Tables

Office Lobby Seating

Office Entrance Desks

Office Lobby Partitioning

Office Cubicles etc.

What are the types of Office Reception Furniture?

The basic types of Office Reception Furniture The most commonly found in an office are wooden furniture which includes wood computer tables also known as wooden desks made from woods such as oak, teak or mahogany and are often used for writing on with pencils or pens. Wooden computer tables have a high gloss finish that makes it easy to clean.


Choice of Brands

Furniture Brands we are working with everyday include: